Crowns & Bridges

Teeth can become decayed or damaged by trauma or may need removing entirely. Crowns and bridges can restore or replace teeth.


Crowns cover or 'cap' a damaged tooth. We may suggest a crown if you have a tooth that is significantly decayed, or is missing a large portion of its original structure, or if a tooth has had root canal treatment. Your crown will restore appearance, function, strength and structure to the tooth. Crowns are made from highly polished gold alloys or can have a metal substructure covered with porcelain. The most aesthetic crowns are made entirely from advanced and extremely strong porcelain. These can be an excellent choice when restoring front teeth.


A bridge is a replacement tooth supported by crowns covering the adjacent teeth. It is a strong, hard-wearing structure that should look and feel entirely natural, ensuring you can bite, chew and talk comfortably and confidently. Your dental bridge can be fabricated from the same materials used to create dental crowns.

Your teeth are prepared for a crown or bridge using a local anaesthetic to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible. Crowns and bridges are created using dental impressions of your teeth and are made in our dental laboratory to our specific designs. They permanently fitted during your next visit.

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