Often people will begin to lose teeth when they age, and as teeth start to chip, decay or become more brittle. Other times, tooth loss can occur because of trauma or advanced gum disease. Dentures are an affordable and non-invasive way to replace entire arches of teeth, while partial dentures will restore several missing teeth in the same arch.

Millions of people worldwide successfully wear dentures and the materials and techniques to fabricate them can create replacement teeth that fit correctly, and which look very natural. We take extensive care when designing and manufacturing dentures, using only high-quality denture materials and denture teeth. Your dentures will be made to provide maximum stability and comfort during talking and eating. Partial dentures are stabilised using clasps around your existing teeth, while complete dentures rest entirely on your gums.

Receive Teeth Custom-Designed to Complement Your Appearance

Dentures have a gum-coloured acrylic base that can be closely matched to your natural gums. We offer an extensive range of denture teeth, in many different shades and shapes. Our experienced dental team can help you to select teeth that will be complementary to your appearance, facial structure and even your personality. These teeth can be arranged to replicate your natural teeth, or if you prefer, we can create a more perfect smile.

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